Orientation Work History Problems on the DAC Report

Orientation Work History problem on DAC Report  (HireRight Report)

Every driver needs to know, first, that the DAC report exists and, second, how it affects thier career. The DAC report is comprised of several main sections: employment/ accident; drug and alcohol testing; criminal history; a motor vehicle report; and inquiries. The DAC report is used by all major carriers to report information on drivers and for pre-employment checks.  Carriers provide the information for the DAC report within a just few days after the driver leaves the carrier.  The driver is not provided a copy when the information is reported and usually finds out that there is negative information only after he/she has been denied a job.  The driver is left without a job and no way to get one with any carrier that may run a DAC report prior to employment.  The dispute process is regulated by the Fair Credit Reporting Act and follows a strict process with mandated timeframes.   This article discusses one of the most frequent issues we see at DACfix.com.

Orientations are part of every company driver’s experience.  How many of you know this story?  You receive a call from a recruiter, you like what you hear, and so you make arrangements to show up for orientation.  You get there and it’s a different story so you leave.  What you may not realize is that those few minutes at orientation will be reported on your DAC report and could have the appearance you worked for the company.  If you go to several orientations in a row it gets worse.  Orientation work histories are a very commonly disputed item at DACfix.com.

Here is a typical example of what is reported:

Period of Service:                   From 06/2008 To 06/2008

ELIGIBLE FOR REHIRE:       Review required before rehiring

REASON FOR LEAVING:       Resigned/Quit (or Driver Terminated Lease)

STATUS:                                 Company Driver

DRIVER’S EXPERIENCE:      Local/Regional


LOADS HAULED:                   Gen. Commodity

WORK RECORD:                   Quit/Dismissed During Training/Orientation/Probation

Many companies report an orientation in the same manner as a driver who is actually hauling loads.  From the above example it appears that our client was a company driver hauling regional loads.  When in fact, our client had only showed up for orientation.  During the process DACfix.com will clearly dispute that the driver did not work for the company and only attended orientation.  The results will be similar to the following:

After the Dispute:

 Period of Service:                   From  06/2008 To 06/2008

ELIGIBLE FOR REHIRE:        Review required before rehiring

REASON FOR LEAVING:       Resigned/Quit (or Driver Terminated Lease)
WORK RECORD:                   Quit/Dismissed During Training/Orientation/Probation

In comparison, the status, driver’s experience, equipment operated, and loads hauled were removed.  This now more accurately reflects the driver’s experience and can help get the driver back on the road.

In this series of articles we will be providing more in depth information about DAC reports and the common issues found on the reports, how the dispute process works, what drivers can do to better protect themselves, drug and alcohol testing procedures and your rights, what happens to your information when a carrier goes out of business or is purchased by another carrier.

Susan Morgan

Director of Case Management, DACfix.com

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Website: www.dacfix.com

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